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Resilience Building Group Coaching

“Success without fulfilment is a failure”
Business Owners
Coaching for business goals & development
Project Managers
Coaching for solutions & efficiency
Coaching for optimal function & performance
Coaching for innovation & creativity
Coaching for insight & awareness

Overview of Resilience Building Group Coaching Program

Both individual and group coaching are designed to support and mentor groups to build resilience in the face of organisational change and in personal transformations, when situation demands mental adjustment, flexibility and new learning. Knowing when to ‘stick to your guns’ and when to surrender to the what is takes emotional control, mental adaptability and insight.

ARC group coaching is designed for organisations, for managers, leaders, teams and individuals. Our resilience group coaching is focused on mentoring and training resilience mental skills required for successful transition through professional and/or personal change. 

We are witnessing rapid change in mindset of organisations and in individuals. The ground is shifting as we speak, that is how fast the world is transforming today. Inevitably our mindsets will have to change as well. We already see how quick old mentality and beliefs are giving way to new understandings and frames of reference. How outdated organisational and social structures are coming down and individuals are more than ever ready to uphold new ways of 'viewing and doing'. 

Our resilience training provides organisations and individuals with vital tools needed for current and future transformations. Our interactive resilience group coaching enhances team resilience, group cohesion, individual hardiness, tolerance for uncertainty, goal attainment and wellbeing. 
We offer half day workshops for small groups of 6-12 people at the their office or workplace.

Group Coaching Program Outline

Exploration of your current situation
Turning vague aims into specific goals
Setting actions and getting committed
Reviewing what worked for you, what didn't, and why
Creating working map of your mindset
Identify what attitudes are working against you
Linking events with thoughts and feelings
Mapping out cycles of behavioural patterns
Re-framing ways of looking at current issues
Recognising your inner tensions, conflicts, and inconsistencies
Recognising cognitive rules and models for understanding self
Testing cognitive rules against reality
Recognising your values, drives, and motive
Bringing forth your strength and resourcefulness
Evaluating and revising your progress and goals
Learning how to be your own coach

Group Coaching Program Outcomes

Understand the role of social support and connectedness in resilience
Understand the significance of personal fulfilment & purpose in resilience
Learn to cultivate positive emotions and optimism for resilience
Understand the importance of self-belief and achievement in resilience
See how challenges can be opportunities for growth and progress


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Anna Reznik Coaching is for individuals who are open to change! It's for those who are ready and willing to step-up in life on a personal and/or professional level and to challenge themselves in a way that will open new perspectives and opportunities.
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